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12 lbs 8 ounces 22 inches if her legs are straight.  She is a Carrie George Sculpt, brought to life by Donna Kohn, and poured her in ECOflex 15 Platinum silicone, which is soft and durable. Full body silicone with arm and leg armatures.  She was poured in a full body glove mold so there are no body seams, except where the head is attached with silpoxy. Her mouth is opened so she can take a full paci or bottle and suck her thumb. She can also drink and wet her diaper distilled water only. But you can use powdered baby formula mixed thin, then after she is fed cleanse her with a bottle of 1/4 distilled white vinegar and 3/4 distilled waterShe has gums and a tongue with taste budsThe hair is hand-rooted in the silicone and there is no way to seal it so be careful when styling and washingSkin with all the veining and detail of real skin painted with the best silicone paintsmixed by me to make the most lifelike skin tones with all the veins and tiny vessels with a light mottled lookShe was matted so she is not sticky, but soft and smooth like a real baby'sNails have been shaded, tipped and sealed for the fresh clipped looknostrils have been shaded and glazed to look moist ALL GIRLS CAN BE MADE AS BOYS IF DESIRED

Demi sculpt by Carrie George

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